A set of meaningful interactions in the shape of a survey try to expose conditions of (illegitimate) authority.

Power relationships limit the agency of those who find themselves having to look upwards for approval. Undemocratic forms of organization govern most of our institutions, private, public or at home, and at the front of them lay specific people whose actions must be observed and contested.

Subverting the format of forms, this survey seeks to quantize the amount of illegitimacy in the exertion of power from specific persons. Many organizations lack or disincentivize the use of institutional channels for complaint. This form seeks to provide a simple standardized tool that aids in providing anonymity and the possibility of collective protest.

There are candid forms of leadership which are healthy and constructive, in order to accomplish such relations we need to reflect with fierce critique and skepticism about all forms of authority. Reflect upon your current situation and let those in power know you are attentive of their actions. This form is designed for power relations with employers, professors, religious leaders, community organizers, government officials, etc.

Fill this form, print it and make it public.



The form is divided into three distinct sections dealing with different levels of power relations between you and the person in question. Please fill this questionnaire honestly.


How did this person arrive to their current position?

Do you feel this person deserves to be in their position? (has enough professional experience or knowledge in their respective field).


Does this person unilaterally decides over your livelihood (job position, income or salary)?

Are there well intentioned mechanisms in your organization to deal with abuse of power?


Has this person abused their position of power for personal benefit?

Has there been direct aggressions towards you or others in your situation?

How would you measure your own agency in your workplace?


Write something about your experience interacting with this person


Does this person belong to a privileged group in your workfield?

Are you part of a minority in your professional sector?

Is unionizing a possibility in your country and workplace?